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Welcome to your FileMaker Experience Day - the place to start learning about the FileMaker Platform and what it can do for you and your organisation. Tailored to those that are new to FileMaker, you'll start the day with nothing and end it with a functional FileMaker solution.

What you'll learn:

Kieran has been involved with the deployment of business systems with FileMaker for some 6 years, working with a fast evolving set of IT tools and overseeing the deployment of FileMaker systems in businesses of every size and type across the United Kingdom.

He takes the helm, steering you through your Experience Day, playing head teacher to his deputy, Javier Sánchez (FileMaker), and a team of experienced FileMaker Experts from the developer community.

Kieran Saunders
Product Specialist
FileMaker - an Apple subsidiary

Leading your Experience Day.

Is this event right for me?

You should have basic computer skills including word processing and spreadsheets, but you do not need any database or FileMaker knowledge or skills.

See the FileMaker Platform in use by organisations
managing information on iPads and iPhones.

Easily create custom solutions for iPad, iPhone, Windows, Mac and the web that meet the unique needs of your organisation.

Learn about upcoming online seminars by FileMaker business experts in the UK.

Should I Bring my Computer?

Working through these 60 minute sessions, you'll discover how to create custom business solutions in a mix of hands-on computer sessions and classroom based learning:

  • Planning a FileMaker Solution - You want to dive in and start pressing buttons, but having a plan can save you from problems in the future. Grab a piece of A4 and a pencil, let's work out what your organisation needs.
  • Escape from Excel - From dropping your spreadsheet onto the FileMaker icon, to creating a simple relational database.
  • Understanding Relationships - They're complicated...or are they? Learn about the types of relationships used in databases, what they're for and when to use them.
  • Cool features that can make your organisation better - You've created a FileMaker solution, now learn about all the cool things you can do with it, from charts to web integration.

For the sessions that need a computer, we've got it covered. If, however you want to bring along your files and questions for the training clinic, you're more than welcome.

There will be limited power available for laptops & other devices.

Also Included: Training Clinic

Need someone to talk FileMaker with? No problem! Grab a complimentary 15 minute session with a FileMaker expert during the day. Simply call 020 8268 6030 after ordering to book your appointment. Subject to availability.

Reading 12th August 2014

This event is for newcomers to FileMaker, experienced spreadsheet users and people new to databases.

Venue: UTC Reading, Crescent Road, READING, RG1 5RQ
Date: 12th August 2014
Refreshments: Tea/Coffee, Lunch
Time: Registration from 09:00. Seminar: 09:30 - 16:30
Cost: £69 (inc. VAT). Booking essential.

Ask us about our group rates. Call 020 8268 6030.