Is FileMaker Pro right for you?

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FileMaker Pro is the leading easy-to-use business database for teams and organizations. FileMaker Pro is not as simple to use as Bento, but is more flexible and expandable. With FileMaker Pro, you can create custom solutions, which look and work exactly the way you want.

Compared to Bento, FileMaker Pro offers more:

  • More Control & Customization
  • More Features & Functions
  • More Power & Performance

FileMaker Pro Quick Study Guide

Learn more about the capabilities of FileMaker Pro, whether it is right for you, and moving from Bento to FileMaker Pro.

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Download a free 30-day trial for use with the Quick Study guide and to see how you can use FileMaker in your business.

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Options for Bento users

If you are using Bento, it may continue to meet your needs for a long time. If and when you decide to export your data from Bento to another application, we have helpful information about your options:

Can I move my data from Bento to FileMaker Pro?

Yes, you can. The Bento 4 to FileMaker Pro Migration Tool is the recommended tool to use when moving from Bento 4 for Mac to FileMaker Pro.

It converts your existing Bento 4 for Mac data (including the contents of media fields and form designs) into a FileMaker Pro 12 database. There are some limitations so please review the Bento 4 to FileMaker Pro Migration Tool PDF prior to migrating.

Can I export Bento data to programs other than FileMaker Pro?

Bento 4 for Mac can export data into a .csv, .tab, Numbers, or Excel 2008 file from a library, from a collection, from a Smart Collection, or from the results of a search or Advanced Find.   Learn more ›

Customers using Bento 4 for iPad can email the data in a library or collection as a comma-separated values (.csv) file attachment. You can then open the attachment to import the data to other apps.   Learn more ›

However, there are Bento functions that are not features of FileMaker Pro including:

  • Integration with the OSX Contacts, iCal, and iPhoto applications
  • Field types supported in Bento but not FileMaker: Rating, Encrypted, Simple List, File List and Message List
  • Collections and Smart Collections (In FileMaker you set up relationships and finds to accomplish the same tasks)
  • Bento provides Wi-Fi sync with Bento iPad and iPhone. FileMaker allows you to copying your complete database to the free FileMaker Go apps for iPad and iPhone. You can also make modifications and copy the database back. But you can't sync.

Finally, FileMaker Pro takes more work to set up than Bento. However it is also more flexible. For example, in Bento you can drag out a field and Bento will automatically arrange the other fields but it will space them how Bento thinks is best. In FileMaker Pro you must move the fields yourself but you can place things exactly as you like. In Bento you can choose an address field and Bento will set it up. But there are few modifications you can make to how the address field works. In FileMaker Pro you must set up each part of the address field yourself (street address, city, state, and so on) but you can make any kind of address field you like.

To learn more about FileMaker Pro

FileMaker Overview Video

FileMaker Product Pages

View a quick video to learn about everything FileMaker can do.

Visit the FileMaker Pro page to get in depth information.

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And with the free FileMaker Go app, you can run your solutions on iPad and iPhone.